Thursday, May 1, 2014

A New Hope...

Almost 3 years to the day, I've returned to blogging and social media. Why? Well, a lot has changed since then.

I started this blog when I was considering working for MIT Facilities as an energy efficiency engineer. My job for them would have been to expand on my work starting the Dorm Electricity Competition (an energy conservation competition) as an undergrad at MIT, and I had hoped that writing about it would motivate me further.

Instead, I got an offer from the company I was interning at, Sun Catalytix, and chose to focus my career there. Since then, our modest company has developed one of the cheapest, highest-performing electrolyzers based on an MIT-developed catalyst; invented the world's first practical artificial leaf; and are now working to commercialize a low-cost flow battery based on an entirely new class of chemicals for energy storage. In short, it's been hard to find time to keep up.

Even though I've been hard at work in the lab, I've still been reading up and researching the rest of the energy sector. Friends would occasionally email me with questions or news articles asking for my thoughts. A recent conversation with a friend who had asked me, "weren't you doing that blogging thing a while ago?" had spurred me to simply move those conversations to a more public setting.

And with that, I'm restarting my blog. With any luck, I'll update more often than once every 3 years.

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